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We Start By Trying to Understand the Desired Outcome

We all have problems, that’s just a fact. At Sincerity {Solutions}, we like to start a conversation with you about your expectations. Once we understand your vision we can guide you to the right resources, help you build them, or just talk you through the best combination solutions we offer.

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Website Repair & Social Media

Sometimes your website or social media just needs some tender loving care. Other times it needs a complete overhaul. In today’s technology market there is no reason your site should not provide the same experience on mobile as it does on a computer right from the start. If you’re getting quotes for a “mobile version” you’ve been ripped off.

General Websites

A good website company will start by taking inventory of what you have already and evaluating what you need. In most cases you need a website that’s responsive and possibly a way to buy and sell merchandise. For most cases we suggest using WordPress with a Divi License that we provide as long as your remain our customer, but if you left, we would show you how to purchase Divi yourself.

Social Media Disorganization

Sometimes your social media identity is extremely disorganized. People resonate with good themes. They like stories that are connected to ideas. We help you foster themes across your platforms so that you can establish pieces of your identity in each place. These kinds of situations can be time consuming but by the time we are done you’ll be posting all on your own.

Social Media & Purpose

The truth is that social media has changed the world many times over and continues to change the world today. Mostly in helping raise awareness about social and political issues that effect/affect all of us, but that’s where it starts. Once awareness is raised, we start to use our sphere of influence and social network for good. What’s good? Well that depends on who you’re trying to serve.

Data Management & Custom Applications

Once you’re situated on the front-end design of your identity, we then work with you on your other needs. We’ve seen too many people try to use WordPress as a Conference Management system or even Google Forms for application submissions. The secret is recognizing these systems were not designed for what you actually need. 


The Southwest Popular/American Culture Association needed a way for literary professors/professionals to submit proposals. They also needed a way to review proposals by topic area; accepting or declining proposals. Last but not least they needed a way to organize the proposals into panels, roundtables, and generate a schedule for their registrants. Of course all of these features needed to integrate with their PayPal account.

Student Applications

We got our start in providing custom applications for scholarships and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Homecoming application. A lot of times you can make these once paper processes digital through systems like Google Forms or through PDF. The biggest problem with small processes are that a lot of people need them but only for a short period of time and can result in re-creating the process every year.

Submit Anything

A project currently in the works that will allow users to submit anything for a process review. More details coming soon.

Cloud Services & Cyber Security

Every company has a different need and that need is normally related to the amount of traffic their site is currently generating or will eventually generate. You can choose very expensive hosting options and add a bunch of security but most of the time you can meet strong security needs without going overboard. Security protocols should be enhanced and developed as your grow and at every stage.

Cloud Hosting

We generally use C# .NET so it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that we also use Azure Portal as our recommended cloud platform provider, however we do have experience working with AWS and could just as easily setup or transfer your hosting from either environment in less than a week in most cases. We prefer Google Domains for your domain purchases.

Information Audit

Do you absolutely need to save credit cards and addresses? Unless you’re doing mailers you might want their location, time online, and how they got there, but those kinds of insights are better done through services like Google Analytics and Bing Analytics. You could save a wide variety of user information but do you need to?

Security Services

In today’s digital world everyone wants to make sure their data is secure and one of the easiest and fastest ways to promote and advise people that SSL is always worth it. We prefer to use Free SSL resources and we offer services for showing you how to replace/update the SSL yourself or you can have us do it for a nominal fee.

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