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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I start?

Start by determining your vision for the future or the goal you have in mind. What sets you apart from others in your market? What difference are you trying to make? We prefer to start with a coffee and a conversation. We believe that when you both believe in the project the synergy is multiplied.

How much will it cost?

This is a hard question to answer up front because it really depends on what you need. Sometimes users need a new website and some training on how to update it. A simple WordPress setup with training will normally run $500 to get you started. After that, it’s whatever the hosting cost is, most annual hosting costs $60-$100 depending on your SSL requirements. We generally don’t do monthly billing because when we deliver you should have all the tools you need to maintain it yourself or hire an intern to do it.

Do you build apps?

We love building apps but we generally start with this question: is this an app your community needs? In today’s mobile application world people really only download mobile apps that have a specific purpose with periodic updates. This means that your application really needs to fit a need of your community before you start building it. Otherwise mobile friendly websites that are easy to use will win out every time.

I'm Using __________ for ___________

These sentences are super common and most of the time the two words that fill in this sentence do not go together. I frequently hear things like I use WordPress for managing Users. My immediate response, “No, that’s literally not how that works.” WordPress is for blogs and displaying content. Plugin creators hack nonsense together all the time, it does not make it good or even remotely best practice. It makes it a hack. Stop being a hack.

Can I pay you for all of it?

Absolutely you can pay us to maintain all your sites and social media, just some of it, or a mix of bits and pieces. We will even just handle your newsletter if that seems to be holding you back.

How do I use Social Media?

Our philosophy is that social media is another type of tool that is mostly good for raising awareness about an issue or connecting with your audience on a personal level. If you keep these two things in mind your strategy will build itself. We do however preach honesty. Cognitive dissonance in social media is a breach of trust in the public eye. Always double check your social media to ensure what a piece of content is saying about you is true and accurate.

Should I have a Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Page, etc?

Today’s online ecosystem is all inclusive so the answer is yes, absolutely! Even if you don’t use them that often or want us to manage the ones you don’t use, it will save you time and energy by having a unified brand across platforms. We also do graphic editing/enhancements if you aren’t sure how to make certain images fit.

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